Epoxy Fiberglass Wing Sets, Drivers, Turbine Dummy Engine,
Billet Aluminum Stabilizer Bracket & Custom Accessories
1979-80's Bud
1990 to present day
1980's to present day
90's to present day canard
Ram Wing
Canard Bracket
Carbon Fiber Cockpit Tray
Lexan Driver
Lifting Brackets
Tie Down Bracket
1979-84 Cathedral Wings
Carbon Fiber Wing Mounts
1/8 Scale ~ 1/6.667 Gas Scale
You cut to fit.  5" x 7" lexan
#SGLWK ..... $8.00 plus shipping
Lexan Windshield Kit
Carbon Fiber Wing Set
Wing Stabilizer Kit
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Cowl Lock - Fastener
#SGCowllock ... $35.00 plus shipping
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RC Boat Company T-Shirt
Gildan ultra cotton X-large with pocket  $18.00ea plus shipping.
Our 1/8 scale wing sets - parts are built from epoxy fiberglass.
Wing sets - parts are built to order and take approximately two weeks to build.
We are always adding new wings sets - parts.
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You can order wing sets with carbon fiber option.
To place an order email us: info@rcboatcompany.com